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1. Personal details
Data of birth, place of birth:17 th of October 1945, Moscow State University, Married Official address: Russia, 119992 Moscow, Leninskije Gory, Moscow State University (MSU), Geology faculty, department of crystallography phone: 7 (495) 939-49-26 fax: 7 (495) 932-88-89 Position: Assoc. Prof, head of the laboratory of x-ray diffraction and crystal chemistry Home address: Russia, 115470, Prosp. Andropova, h.19, apt.48, phone 7 (499) 617-79-25

2. Education and scientific degrees
1964-1969 a student of Geological faculty MSU, department of crystallography 1969-1973 a post graduate student (scientific advisor academician N.V.Belov) 1974 Ph.D., speciality Crystallography and Crystalphysica, title of Ph.D. Thesis Crystal structures of (Na,Cd)-germanates 1994 D.Sc., speciality Physical chemistry, title of D.Sc. Thesis Structure, chemical bond and structure-properties relation of silicates, germanates and relative compounds. 2006 Professor in mineralogy and crystallography

3.Professional experience
1975 Scientist in x-ray single crystal determination 1986 Senior Research Scientist, Department crystallography, Geological faculty, MSU 1995 Leader Scientist, Department crystallography, Geological faculty, MSU 1997 Head of the laboratory of x-ray diffraction and crystal chemistry (current) 2007 Assoc. Prof. (current)

4. Teaching experience
1969-1990 lectures and seminars in course Geometrical crystallography
1975-1976 lectures Using Crystal complex of structural programs in course X-ray crystal structure analysis
1985 lectures Polytypes and OD-structures in course Crystal chemistry
1992- up to now course of lectures Electron density in crystal chemistry
1999- up to now course of lectures Order-disorder and polytypism in mineral structures
2007- up to now Theory of symmetry, lectures and seminars, including Black-white symmetry (Shubnikovs groups) and color symmetry

5. Research interests
1) Crystal structure investigation of inorganic compounds minerals and synthetic phases, structural isomorphism
2) X-ray single crystal diffraction experiment, including precise data collection
3) Crystal chemical description and systematic of structures, OD theory, polytypism
4) Charge density in minerals, including containing 3d-elements
5) Phase transition, structure-properties relationship for nonlinear optic, ferroelectric, piezoelectric crystals
6) Search of new structures in borates, phosphates, silicates etc. and structure-properties relation

Current research
1) Search of new nonlinear optical and ferroelectric borates, phosphates, borophosphates, structures solution and description 2) OD analysis of groups of minerals and inorganic compounds and structure prediction 3) Charge density in mineral and related compounds with the applying multipole method

6. E.L.Belokoneva is author of ~360 professional publications in scientific journals
The list of the principal professional publications

1.The structure of new germanates, gallates, borates and silicates with lazer, piezo, feroelectric and ion conducting properties, Uspekhi Khimii (Russian Chemical Reviews), 1994, 63, (7), p.599-576, E.L.Belokoneva
2. Polytypic relations in the rows of Bi and Tl compounds. Superconductivity:phys., chem.. technol. 1989. 2, p.106. E.L.Belokoneva, L.I.Leonjuk, V.S.Urusov.
3. Structural aspects of phase transition at 530o C in LaBGeO5. J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 1997 9, p.3503.
4.Electron density and traditional structural chemistry of silicates, Uspekhi Khimii (Russian Chemical Reviews), 1999, 67, (4), p.331-348, E.L.Belokoneva
5.Pb2[B5O9](OH)H2O: a new centrosymmetric modification of natural hilgardite. The hilgardire group of structures as members of the OD-family. Crystallography reports, 1998, 43, (5), p.864-873, E.L.Belokoneva, O.V.Dimitrova, T.A.Korchemkina, S.Yu.Stefanovich
6.Structural phase transitions in germanate analogues KTiOPO4 investigated by high-resolution neutron powder diffraction. J.Phys.:Condens. Matter, (1997),9, (3), p.3833-3851, E.L.Belokoneva, K.S.Knight, W.I.F.David, B.V.Mill
7. The refined crystal structures of La3Ga5SiO14, Pb3Ga2Ge4O14 and crystal chemical rules in structure-properties relation in langasite family. Russian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2000, 45, (12), p.1786-1796. E.L.Belokoneva, S.Yu.Stefaniovich, Yu.V.Pisarevsky, A.V.Mosunov
8. The charge density distribution and antiferromagnetic properties of azurite Cu3[CO3]2(OH)2. Phys. Chem. Minerals, 2001, 28, (7), p.498-507. E.L.Belokoneva, Yu.K.Gubina, J.B.Forsyth.
9. The charge density distribution, its multipole refinement and antiferromagnetic structure of dioptase Cu6[Si6O18]6H2O. Phys. Chem. Minerals, 2002, 29, (6), p.430-438. E.L.Belokoneva, Yu.K.Gubina, J.B.Forsyth, P.J.Brown.
10. Electron density and chemical bonds in ultramarine Zn4[B6O12[]O.Doklady Earth Sciences, 2001, 377, p.172-174, Yu.K.Gubina, E.L.Belokoneva.
11.Electron density in synthetic escolaite Cr2O3 with corundum structure and its relation to antiferromagnetic properties. Russ. Journ. Inorg Chem. 2003, 48, No.6, p.861-869. E.L.Belokoneva, Yu.K.Shcherbakova
12. Multipole refinement and the electron density analysis in natural borosilicate datolite using X-ray diffraction data. Acta Cryst. 2007. B63, p.49-53. Yu.Ivanov, E.L.Belokoneva.
13.Borate crystal chemistry in terms of the extended OD theory: topology and symmetry analysis. Crystallogr. Reviews. 2005. p.151-198. E.L.Belokoneva.
14. Systematic, properties and structure predictions of new borate materials.. Cryst. Res. Technol. 2008. 43.p.1171-1182. E.L.Belokoneva Recommendation may be presented from Prof. M.Glaser, Prof. C. Lecomte, Prof. L.Bohaty

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